Welcome from the Director

Welcome from the Director

Director Karen M. Bowley

Welcome to the New England Boarding School Advantage program!

Over the past 25 years, it has been my pleasure to work with international students. I have seen how important the first two years in boarding school can be to a student’s grades and overall success, particularly a student whose goal is to study at a top-tier American university.

Learning the expectations and responsibilities of a boarding school takes time and is often filled with trial and error. But what if students had an opportunity to learn and practice key skills and strategies before their first day?

Our academic curriculum builds key skills in literature, U.S. history and writing that students need to get better grades. We teach how to avoid pitfalls that cause students to do poorly and fall behind. We show students how to engage in the college process from day one. We also simulate important boarding school situations to help students establish an excellent reputation with teachers and peers.

Our staff of teachers from ranked boarding schools pledge to give our students an advantage by teaching the skills and strategies that make a difference when things get challenging.

Karen Bowley
Director and Teacher

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